113 Free Self-Care Activities For People On a Budget

Life is already expensive enough. So it’s extra nice that there are plenty of free self-care activities. Ideal for people with a limited budget, or if you just don’t want to throw your money around.

I can imagine that life and money can be stressful at times. Especially when you don’t have that much money.

Everywhere you look you are influenced by advertisements. You should buy this product for glowing skin, this supplement to have more energy and this book if you really want to work on your personal development. But everything costs money…

Fortunately, there are also plenty of things for free. And yes, those things also contribute to your overall health and happiness. Perhaps even more! This also applies to these free self-care activities.

Free Self-Care Activities For People On a Budget

Why invest in self-care

Even though the self-care activities in this article are free, they do require you to invest time and effort in them. And trust me, you want to make time for self-care.

Self-care is important for your overall health. There are 7 types of self-care in total and each of them has its own contribution to this. By getting started with this, you will experience the benefits on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

For every type of self-care, there are plenty of activities to think of. There will therefore always be something that suits you and contributes to your goals. Which also includes saving money by participating in free self-care activities!

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Physical self-care activities

  1. Run in a local park or at the beach
  2. Follow a home workout routine
  3. Go for a swim at a nearby lake or beach
  4. Practice yoga using YouTube videos
  5. Take a long walk
  6. Dance to your favorite music in your living room
  7. Do some stretching exercises
  8. Explore a new area by cycling
  9. Follow a (deep) breathing exercises
  10. Take a warm bath for relaxation
  11. Have a picnic with healthy snacks
  12. Climb stairs instead of using the elevator
  13. Try a free online fitness class
  14. Play a sport with friends at a park
  15. Make healthy meals
  16. Take a cold shower/ice bath to boost your immune system

Emotional self-care activities

  1. Keep a daily journal of your thoughts and feelings
  2. Engage in creative writing or poetry
  3. Watch a movie that makes you laugh or cry
  4. Practice self-compassion and positive affirmations
  5. Listen to soothing or uplifting music
  6. Spend time with a pet (if you have one)
  7. Explore your emotions through painting/drawing
  8. Allow yourself to have a good cry if needed
  9. Read a book that resonates with your emotions
  10. Create a vision board of your feelings and goals
  11. Reflect on your achievements and growth
  12. Volunteer to help those in need
  13. Watch a sunrise or sunset in solitude
  14. Engage in deep, meaningful conversations
  15. Accept and express your emotions without judgment
  16. Take a meditation body scan

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Pinterest image: Free Self-Care Activities For People On a Budget
Pinterest image: Free Self-Care Activities For People On a Budget
Pinterest image: Free Self-Care Activities For People On a Budget

Mental self-care activities

  1. Solve puzzles or play brain-teasing games
  2. Read informative articles
  3. Watch educational videos online
  4. Learn a new skill through online (YouTube) tutorials
  5. Write short stories or engage in creative writing
  6. Listen to informative podcasts
  7. Explore different genres of literature
  8. Practice mindfulness meditation
  9. Create a list of short-term and long-term goals
  10. Reflect on a complex issue or topic
  11. Attend free webinars or virtual lectures
  12. Keep a gratitude journal to shift focus to the positive
  13. Go to the library – some let you borrow books for free
  14. Subscribe to newsletters you are interested in

Social self-care activities

  1. Call or video chat with a friend or family member
  2. Join online social groups or forums
  3. Organize a virtual game night with friends
  4. Attend local community events or gatherings
  5. Volunteer for community service projects
  6. Participate in a (virtual) book club
  7. Write letters or emails to loved ones
  8. Initiate conversations with new people
  9. Join online support groups
  10. Offer help or support to someone in need
  11. Share your experiences and stories on social media
  12. Attend local cultural or artistic events
  13. Participate in community clean-up activities
  14. Engage in random acts of kindness

Spiritual self-care activities

  1. Spend time in meditation or prayer
  2. Take a walk and pay attention to your surroundings
  3. Practice gratitude
  4. Listen to calming or spiritual music
  5. Reflect on your life purpose and values
  6. Explore different meditation techniques
  7. Engage in acts of kindness and compassion
  8. Practice deep breathing exercises
  9. Write down your thoughts in a journal
  10. Attend (online) spiritual or religious services
  11. Spend time connecting with nature
  12. Read books about philosophies
  13. Listen to spiritual podcasts
  14. Practice forgiveness
  15. Engage in self-reflection and self-awareness
  16. Participate in free (online) spiritual workshops
  17. Watch spiritual talks or lectures online
  18. Learn about different cultural spiritual practices

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Professional self-care activities

  1. Set clear boundaries between work and personal time
  2. Connect with colleagues
  3. Attend networking events
  4. Engage in skill-building through online resources
  5. Develop a daily routine that balances work and life
  6. Take breaks during the workday for relaxation
  7. Offer to mentor or help a colleague
  8. Create a to-do list to prioritize tasks
  9. Practice time management techniques
  10. Reflect on your career goals
  11. Update your resume and professional profiles
  12. Follow free (online) webinars or workshops related to your field
  13. Listen to podcasts about trends in your industry
  14. Subscribe to newsletters related to your work
  15. Declutter your workspace for better productivity
  16. Ask for feedback from your colleagues
  17. Reflect on your accomplishments and areas for growth
  18. Engage in self-reflection
  19. Create a personal development plan for your career

Financial self-care activities

  1. Create financial goals and savings targets
  2. Review your budget and track your expenses
  3. Organize your financial documents and paperwork
  4. Explore free financial literacy resources online.
  5. Cancel unnecessary subscriptions or memberships
  6. Research and compare financial products for better deals
  7. Plan a no-spend day or week
  8. Sell items you no longer need or use
  9. Create a debt payoff plan and prioritize payments
  10. Learn about investing and explore beginner-friendly resources
  11. Negotiate bills or expenses for better rates
  12. Explore free events or workshops related to finance
  13. Listen to podcasts about finances
  14. Set up automated savings transfers
  15. Research and utilize discounts and rewards
  16. Reflect on your financial values and long-term goals

As you can see, there are a lot of free self-care activities to think of. This is within all types of self-care. Look at which activities appeal to you the most and if and how you can implement them in your self-care routine. Because remember, self-care doesn’t have to be expensive!

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  1. I feel like a lot of people think self care has to be this extravagant ordeal when ideally it needs to be performed daily and can be the simplest things!

  2. Wonderful list! My personal go-tos for free mental health are: journaling, walking/hiking, and hugging my boyfriend or my kids or pet.

  3. I like how thorough this list is, how it covers a lot of areas in life. Thanks for sharing. Listing those I haven’t thought of.

  4. Saving this for myself so I can keep dating myself.

  5. This was very good to read. I appreciated the way you designated each important detail regarding implementing selfcare. Thank you for sharing this article. 😊

  6. I love this post! A lot of great ideas. I loved the point about having a good cry. I am not someone who cries often but it is a good release.

  7. I love all of these activities and I think the are creative ways to practice self care without spending a penny!

  8. Love these ideas! I don’t hear about financial self care often, but it’s so important!

  9. tiannaskitchen

    So many great suggestions for self care

  10. What a great, thorough list! I’ll be saving some of these.

  11. Good ideas on self care in various situation and what to do .

  12. Wow! Now that is a list! Many, many great ideas on this list. I like how you have broken them down into categories. Thanks for sharing!

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