From Rejections To Success: I Have A New Job

I still can’t believe it… I have a new job! Yay!

After getting PCS and losing my job the past year, my focus shifted completely to my recovery. It went slowly, too slowly in my opinion, but with success.

I have still not fully recovered, but I have recovered sufficiently that I can go back to work. The application process has started! And to be honest, I found that quite difficult.

Tougher than I expected. Normally I don’t have much doubt about what I can do for a company. That may sound arrogant, but I have always received good feedback (also about my CV for my age) so I have confidence in myself in that regard. But this time it was different.

I received a lot of rejections. Of course, mismatches are part of the process, but 95% of them had to do with my situation.

This caused me to become more and more anxious and I wondered why I was doing it all. Would I find something that suits me?

Yes, I would! In fact, it was only a few hours after I posted my column about The Fear Of Rejection For My Job Applications that I got a positive call.

They wanted me. Me!

Now that this column is going live, I already finished my first two weeks of work as a Project Manager within the hotel industry.

I’m not gonna lie, I found it quite scary going back to work. My recovery at home was of course getting better, but the question always remains how that will go when you start working again.

But, so far I can’t complain much. More about that in my next column in two weeks…

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