My In-Between Seasons Savior: Capsule Wardrobe

Ugh, it’s the beginning of June and I’m still wearing long sleeves. In the Netherlands we always say “april doet wat hij wil” (translation: April does what he wants). Unfortunately this year it also applies to May and June.

Spring is definitely not consistent at the moment… One day I can wear a singlet, and the next day I prefer to wear a warm sweater. And yes, it is frustrating!

I am therefore quite happy that I started switching to a capsule wardrobe at the beginning of this year. This makes putting together my outfits a bit easier.

I’ve always struggled with these in-between season days. The most annoying thing about these days is that it feels like winter when you leave the house in the morning, summer during your lunch walk, and spring at the end of the day when you go back home.

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How do I know what to wear without getting too cold or too warm? On days like this, I always regret the outfit choice I made in the early morning.

And yes, of course, I know about creating layers. I definitely do and have done it a lot. But between all those layers I also want to look fashionable, without wearing the same almost every single day.

And no, buying more clothes probably wouldn’t have helped much. Because one of my main problems; I couldn’t combine everything that was in my closet, since it were different styles, fittings, and colors.

Let’s just say I’m not an easy shopper who knew what she wanted. This meant I only had a very minimal choice of good combinations for these in-between season days.

But as I said, I started switching to a capsule wardrobe. I read a lot about it and started to invest time in finding my style and the right pieces.

Besides minimizing your closet and saving money on items that don’t add value to your closet, my favorite benefit is that you can combine almost anything with each other. You have so many more possible combinations, making these in-between season days a lot easier.

No more early morning hassles with finding the right layer combination to create a fashionable outfit that works for you all day long.

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