Photography Allows Me To See The World Better

When I’m traveling, chances are you’ll run into me with my camera in my hand. And no, I’m definitely not the best photographer but I just enjoy capturing our beautiful world and my memories.

Some people say that when you look through the lens you don’t see the world, but for me it’s just the opposite. Photography allows me to see the world better and enjoy the views.

Women with camera in Iceland

I definitely don’t have it from a stranger. My mom was always taking pictures during our vacations, and she already did that as a child. And not surprising, because her father – my grandfather – is an even bigger photography enthusiast. He even took several courses and was part of photography groups. So I guess we can say it runs in the family.

My camera journey

As a little girl, I regularly took my mom’s camera when we were on vacation, and at one point I got my own digital camera. Oh, how many pictures I have taken with that. I enjoyed taking photos of others and capturing the moments.

However, when I was 19 and went on a train trip through Europe with my boyfriend, my grandfather offered to borrow his SLR camera.

He thought that if I took pictures it should be with a good camera. I felt so grown up walking the streets of the big cities with that camera in my hand.

After that, I was convinced and bought my own SLR camera. I was so proud!

With every vacation that followed, I brought it with me. I was constantly playing with the settings to capture the most beautiful places as well as possible.

The more I traveled, the more the SLR camera started to get in my way. It took up a lot of space and was heavier to carry.

I decided to switch to a system camera. Still lots of options, but much more compact. And until today, that’s still the camera I am using (however, these iPhones also do quite a good job nowadays).

Being critical of what I photograph

In those years I often heard people say that I should leave my camera in my bag more often. “Just look around and enjoy the moment,” they said. I heard them, but I didn’t completely agree.

Because when I have my camera in my hand, I look around me very consciously. I’m critical and don’t randomly take pictures of everything.

What is beautiful or special? What do I enjoy? What do I want to record to always be able to look back at?

Where I often just walk around without a camera and look at things quickly, I am much more aware of what is happening around me with my camera in hand.

It makes me think about my surroundings and look closer to details. Maybe sometimes irritating for the people around me, but in the end they also get beautiful pictures (often in which they can be seen).

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