56 Self-Care Activities of 30 Minutes or Less

Sometimes I find it so incredibly difficult to invest time in self-care… Especially when my to-do list seems endless.

It can feel like a waste of time. And that while I know that self-care is quite important for your overall health. Fortunately, I found out that self-care doesn’t have to be a daytime activity. There are enough self-care activities of 30 minutes or less.

So from now on, put your phone away more often and replace the endless useless scrolling time for some self-care activities.

Relax on bed

Below you will find lists of activities for a maximum of 30, 20, and 10 minutes. Each list includes activities of the seven types of self-care and can be used in your self-care routine; physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, professional, and financial self-care.

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Activities of 30 minutes or less

Thirty minutes may seem like a lot, but it’s actually not that bad. Think about it; how much time do you spend endlessly scrolling on social media? Replace that time with self-care activities of 30 minutes or less.

For example, put your phone aside earlier in the evening, and practice self-care half an hour before going to bed. Or, set your alarm half an hour earlier in the morning, so you can start your day right with some dedicated time for yourself.

  1. Take a walk in nature
  2. Try a new recipe and prepare a healthy meal or snack.
  3. Follow a yoga routine
  4. Go for a bike ride or a 5km run
  5. Take a warm bath with your favorite bath salt or oil
  6. Get a massage
  7. Prepare your meals for the week ahead
  8. Engage in a creative hobby like painting, drawing, or knitting
  9. Journal your thoughts, feelings, or gratitude for the day
  10. Create a vision board to visualize your goals and dreams
  11. Listen undisturbed to your favorite music
  12. Create a playlist of songs that uplift you
  13. Watch a motivational or inspirational TED Talk or video.
  14. Read a book
  15. Learn a new skill or language through online tutorials
  16. Meet with a coach/therapist
  17. Call a loved one
  18. Spend your lunch break with a coworker or friend
  19. Follow a guided meditation
  20. Connect with nature by gardening
  21. Review your budget and track your expenses
  22. Analyze your purchasing habits

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Activities of 20 minutes or less

If you have a long working day with many meetings or a long time behind a screen, it is good for your focus and well-being to take a break.

For example, these twenty-minute activities are ideal for during your lunch break.

  1. Lay down and relax without doing anything for 20 minutes
  2. Watch and follow a yoga exercise on YouTube
  3. Engage in a high-intensity interval training
  4. Take a walk in your neighborhood
  5. Follow a breathing exercise
  6. Enjoy a mini self-care ritual like applying a face mask or hand cream
  7. Follow a guided visualization exercise for relaxation
  8. Positive self-affirmations or self-reflection
  9. Write a love letter to yourself
  10. Listen to a motivational podcast episode
  11. Solve a (crossword) puzzle or Sudoku
  12. Write down your thoughts and ideas in a personal brainstorming session
  13. Do a digital declutter by organizing your files or inbox
  14. Spend time in a park nearby
  15. Follow a guided meditation
  16. Set financial goals and create a plan to achieve them

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Activities of 10 minutes or less

These activities will be the easiest to squeeze in since each of them takes less than 10 minutes.

You can even combine some of them with something you already do every day. For example right after waking up or before brushing your teeth, or use them as a short break from work.

  1. Use a foam roller for muscle relaxation
  2. Stretch your body and release tension with a few yoga poses
  3. Practice a five-minute mindfulness exercise
  4. Shortly massage your own hands
  5. Do a body scan to connect with your body
  6. Practice a short breathing exercise to calm your mind
  7. Dance on your favorite song
  8. Do a short journaling session
  9. Write down three things you are grateful for
  10. Write down a positive affirmation for the day
  11. Write down your top three priorities of the day
  12. Do a quick cleaning task, such as clearing your desk or cleaning the counter
  13. Listen to binaural beats
  14. Enjoy a warm cup of your favorite tea or coffee
  15. Paint your nails in a cheerful color
  16. Send a message to a loved one
  17. Sit outside and enjoy the sun kissing your skin
  18. Follow a short guided meditation, breathing, or relaxation exercise

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As you can see, there are plenty of self-care activities of 30 minutes or less, that take up a minimum of your time. And there is a good chance that you are already doing some of these (unknowingly).

Look at which activities suit your personality, your goals, and available time, and start adding them to your day. You can also use this list when you are creating your personal self-care routine.

Do you have additional ideas for activities? Let us know in the comments, we’re curious!

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  1. Great ideas! Thanks!

  2. Love these ideas! I will squeeze a way how to take care of myself any way how I can

  3. Love the three sets of ideas. I agree that sometimes it’s hard to set aside that time to invest in self care. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  4. I love these ideas for self-care! Thank you!

  5. These are some really fantastic ideas! Love that you have shorter times options too!

  6. I love this blog post! I’m glad to see not only 30 minute activities but 10,20 minutes as well. Thank you so much for this!

  7. LOVE THIS! It’s a great reminder of how much power there is in just 30 (or less) minutes spent doing something intentionally. Small progress is better than none 🙂

    1. Yes, you definitely don’t need a lot of time for your self-care! Every minute you spend on it, is already one more than nothing 😉

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