For Me, Sport Is Much More Than a Little Exercise

As a child, I kind of grew up on sports fields. And to this day, sport is still one of my favorite things to do. Not only because I want to feel fit and energized, but since I know that sport is more than just some exercise.

Women boxing in a gym, since sport is more than exercise

While I was a child, my parents were always busy bringing me to all the sports that I was participating in. If I wasn’t at home, good chance that you would find me on the tennis court, hockey field, or at gymnastics. And if something was organized from school, I was always the first one to sign up for it.

And yes, there’s definitely a reason why my parents were always so supportive. They are both sports enthusiasts and have gained a lot from sports. They have built lifelong friendships, and it might not be a surprise if I say that they met each other in the sports hall. My dad even participated in athletics at a high level as a junior.

When they got me, there was no doubt that I would participate in sports. And the same applied to my younger brother. It started with gymnastics when I was only 2 years old because it contributes to a better development. Both with coordination and interacting with other children.

They soon noticed how much energy I got from exercising, and that I was always eager to go to it. And since then I have always participated in different kinds of sports.

Where I started playing sports as a child for my physical and social development, it has become much more. Currently, it is an important part of my self-care routine and contributes to my overall health.

Sports has gotten me through highs and lows. When I was an emotional wreck or under a lot of stress, sports was my happy place. It allowed me to process my emotions, organize my thoughts (or just turn them off completely) and I met amazing people through it.

Besides that, it made me more resilient and I became someone who doesn’t give up. Because through sports I learned that you can be 0-3 behind, but that the game isn’t played until the final whistle sounds. Until then, anything can happen.

And of course, it can differ per person what sport can bring you. Or you don’t like it at all. But perhaps you have with music or art what I have with sports.

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